Fine Art Photography

In all of my photographs there is a heightened hyper-aesthetic as I strive to construct an idyllic world, while remaining rooted in a melancholy world of nostalgic recall. At the same time, I strive to highlight those disquieting moments that make me feel as though I may have entered a dystopian, unsettled dimension in time. To this end, I have set about the task of creating images of elusive contemplation, each a study of subtle tensions and soft contrasts while striving to make the deliberately staged appear uncalculated, yet “more than” natural. I attempt to do this by approaching each photograph in the same way I approach a painting, executing very calculated compositions and then pushing the light, shadow and texture to further enhance and set the mood I desire. My ultimate goal is to create photographs that speak the language of longing and reminiscence while connecting with my audience on a visceral, yet somehow mystical level.

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