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Fading Into Light

A collection of portraits documenting the last year of my father George’s life as he suffered from Alzheimer’s.

I always believed that our memories inform our personality and that the inability to remember would change and erase his persona.

I was wrong.

Looking out at me with perhaps a softer, less complicated view, but definitely with a knowingness that was undeterred; my father George was fully prepared and ready to fade into the light. His humor and manner were still upbeat and his matter-of-fact attitude about both his Alzheimer’s and his death an acquiescent one. He told me, “there’s no reason to worry, be comforted in knowing that just as the sun will fully set in one place, it will rise again someplace else.”

#dad_fading_into_light  #GeorgeMyDadInTheHat (instagram) initiated (and continues) a dialogue with others, many also touched by Alzheimer’s and progressive dementia.


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