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Animalia is an anthology of photographic images recreated from my own original photographs taken of household pets, animals on farms, or animals in the wild. Initially inspired by my own dogs that oftentimes look more like fantastical beasts when captured with my lens yawning or stalking imaginary prey, then just merely family pets. To this end, I place animals in locations that help me echo a component of a ‘fractured’ fairy-tale element while highlighting my own darkly whimsical humor. All in all I aim to retain a playful note while combining reality with my sometimes-dark imagination.


Signed, Limited Editions

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Ilford B/W, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Baryta, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Color, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

*Printed in Germany – each print has an additional 2″ Wide Border


Sizes Available:

15 x 10 inches –  $175.

15 x 15 inches –  $190

36 x 24 inches – $310

25 x 25 inches –  $250.

48 x 32 inches – $425

40 x 40 inches – $475


ALSO AVAILABLE  – Direct Printed on a variety of alternative materials: Wood, Aluminum, Forex, Borderless acrylic. VERY CONTEMPORARY/NO FRAME NEEDED Please inquire (DM Instagram)  Priced per size. VERY CHIC!

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