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Each image references a stylized reality rooted in my love of vintage photography, early film, and in particular the genre known as “Film Noir” which is an actual obsession for me personally. In fact, I approach these photographs as if I am a film director highlighting the mysterious element that early film and photography convey to me personally. And because the camera enables me to separate while simultaneously engaging each subject a spontaneous, yet posed behavior is often prompted. It is this juxtaposition between what is real and what is constructed that intrigues me as I attempt to capture moments of deliberate chance.

My use of strictly black and white, and the oftentimes deliberately blurred elements help me to echo the ethereal, otherworldly mood evocative of early film that I find so provocative. I have set about the task of creating images grounded in a similar enigmatic consciousness, each a study of subtle, neutral tones and soft contrasts where some of the subjects presented emerge shrouded in a veiled light. In other instances, I look to more dramatic elements where the light and shadow harshly contrast the subject within their environment, which is especially reminiscent of the film noir genre that I find particularly powerful. All of these qualities also help me to convey a magical aura that I find compelling when looking at old photographs and film that I too aim to echo in my photography.

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