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Photographs/Select: Noir

Each photographic image in this series portrays a stylized sensibility embedded in my passion for vintage photography and early film, namely film noir.

Behind my lens, the camera empowers me to disconnect while simultaneously engaging each subject, prompting a spontaneous, yet posed action. It is this juxtaposition between what is real and what we orchestrate together that intrigues me as I seek to seize sublime moments of deliberate chance.

Whether shrouded in a veiled light or by more dramatic elements where the light and shadow harshly contrast the subject, all help me echo the otherworldly mood, evocative of early film that I find so provocative. Black and white, blurred elements and neutral tones work in harmony.

The emphasizing of a single figure/subject within the environment serves a dual, paradoxical purpose, symbolizing strength while alluding to a vulnerable awareness.

My aim is to present photographs that invite the viewer to probe inward, revealing our shared emotional connection for life in the noir shadows, where melancholy and perfection coexist.

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