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Photographs/Select: Haunted By Water

Haunted by Water is the ongoing result of my overwhelming allure that water elicits to me both visually, physically and subliminally. For me, being in water provides the quintessential separation from the rest of the earthly world while providing a wholly liberating escape. Mainly autobiographical, I often highlight a single figure or a view without manmade elements mirroring the significance of isolation essential to portraying the empowerment and vulnerability I often feel as I both occupy and honor the natural water-world. I am literally haunted by water, not only for its overwhelming allure, holistic reprieve and visual complexity, but also more importantly for its ultimate significance as water is indeed the essential tonic of life itself.



Signed, Limited Editions

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Ilford B/W, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Baryta, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Color, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Inquire: DM/Instagram (mdaltonart)





*ALSO AVAILABLE  – Direct Printed on a variety of alternative materials: Aluminum, Borderless acrylic. VERY CONTEMPORARY/NO FRAME NEEDED  Limited Editions/Priced per size.

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