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Photography/Series: The Lost World

One of the most visceral escapes for me is when I find remnants and traces of humankind in once inhabited places, now abandoned and being taken back by nature. This series of photographs specifically references that personal journey while echoing both the melancholy and nostalgic feelings that overwhelm me when in these settings.

In many photographs, I stage models in the actual abandoned structures. In other photos, I take storytelling to a new level as I build a reawakened story with historic accuracy through Photoshop by laying vintage (circa late 19th Century to early 1920s) photographs over current images of abandoned homes, grounds and structures that I have taken. I keep true to the original subjects in each historic photograph by layering old over new, changing only the backgrounds, thus keeping the poses as found, which I believe is essential to their historic integrity. I painstakingly search to find and use early photos that I feel have an authentic relationship to each abandoned setting and, in many, I use photographs from my own historic family archive. Each image becomes a kind of totem built from layers of history reincarnated anew.

Ultimately, my goal is that these photographs infer my innermost feelings and emotions that literally define my existence of always having one foot in the distant past and the genuine connection I feel to the people now gone that I believe still haunt this now lost world.


*A selection of these black and white photographs are available in Limited Edition Digital and Silver Gelatin Prints.



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