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  • 3.Spring_Snow_Storm_By_Marianne_Smith_Dalton

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  • 4.Sunrise_By_Marianne_Smith_Dalton

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  • 8.FullMoonRising

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  • FingerPainting

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  • Purple Rain

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This series of photographs are driven by my reaction to nature’s ever-fleeting metamorphosis, especially as evidenced by the extreme seasonal changes where I live in upstate New York. I also draw upon my work as a fine artist in painting (30+ years) as I transform photographs into painterly creations of multiple layered images and colors. So too, my lifelong preoccupation with collecting and displaying natural found ephemera motivates me to highlight my yearning to literally hold onto nature’s evanescence. Because I am an innately impulsive gatherer I work in a similarly obsessive manner creatively. As I organize, rearrange & merge multiple elements into my obsessively created configurations each photograph becomes much like a shadow box of treasured jewels. The interplay of conflicting seasonal elements and stylized colors helps me to augment the illusive, ethereal component that I believe is crucial to reflecting the otherworldly ambiance I sense as I ponder nature’s ever-increasing change and my innate apprehension of the repercussions of the ever-changing climate globally.


*Many of these works can be printed as large as 60 inches wide and are perfect for both residential and commercial settings. I envision them printed on both traditional fine art papers as well as printed on alternative materials like aluminum or wood.



Papers recommended:

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Ilford B/W, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Baryta, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Color, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)


Alternative Processes:

Printed on Dibond Aluminum, Forex (Unframed or enclosed in a low profile aluminum or wooden art box)



Inquire: DM/Instagram (mdaltonart) or LinkedIn


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