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  • 14.SpringSnowStorm

  • 15.SummerHeat

  • 2.CloudDance

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  • 3.Spring_Snow_Storm_By_Marianne_Smith_Dalton

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  • 4.Sunrise_By_Marianne_Smith_Dalton

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  • 8.Dalton_UnderwaterForestBlue

  • 8.FullMoonRising

  • Dalton_WetPaint

  • FingerPainting

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  • Purple Rain

  • SpringCobaltBlueLight

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This series of photographs are driven by my reaction to nature’s ever-fleeting metamorphosis, especially as evidenced by the extreme seasonal changes where I live in upstate New York. I also draw upon my lifelong preoccupation with collecting and displaying natural found ephemera, highlighting my yearning to literally hold onto nature’s evanescence. Because I am an innately impulsive gatherer, I work in a similarly obsessive manner creatively as I organize, rearrange & merge multiple elements into my obsessively created configurations as each photograph becomes much like a shadow box of treasured jewels. The interplay of conflicting seasonal elements and stylized colors helps me to augment the illusive, ethereal component that I believe is crucial to reflecting the otherworldly ambiance I sense as I ponder nature’s ever-increasing change and my innate apprehension of the repercussions of the ever-changing climate globally.


*These works can be printed as large as 72 inches wide and are perfect for both residential and commercial settings. I envision them printed on both traditional fine art papers as well as printed on alternative materials like aluminum or wood.



Papers recommended:

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Ilford B/W, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Baryta, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Color, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)


Alternative Processes:

Printed on Dibond Aluminum, Forex (Unframed or enclosed in a low profile aluminum or wooden art box)



Inquire: DM/Instagram (mdaltonart) or LinkedIn


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