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Once Upon a Sofa . . .

Artists have portrayed the figure on a sofa for centuries. “Once Upon A Sofa” is a series of photos that draws upon this idea, as the sofa is the launching point to each photograph. I find the idea of a sofa to have a kind of mysterious element as it evokes so many varying moods and references, literally setting the stage as it brings out so much more than any other ‘prop’ can. Depending on the style, placement and setting, the sofa seems to engage the subject, prompting a kind of spontaneity, yet posed behavior. It is this juxtaposition between what is real and what is constructed that intrigues me further as I strive to capture moments of ‘deliberate’ chance.




Signed, Limited Editions

Hahnemühle, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Hahnemühle, Ilford B/W, Photo Rag Paper (Unframed/Black and White, Ink Jet, Archival Pigment Print)

Inquire: DM/Instagram (mdaltonart)


*ALSO AVAILABLE  – Direct Printed on a variety of alternative materials: Aluminum,  Borderless acrylic. VERY CONTEMPORARY/NO FRAME NEEDED  Limited Editions/Priced per size.




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