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Transcendent Nature

Transcendent Nature

Poets, writers and artists have referenced nature and its positive inspiration for centuries. I believe today more than ever in our media driven lives, only nature can save us. As an ex-city-dweller gone feral, I find comfort in nature, security in her seclusion and a sense of belonging in her most remote reaches. For me, it is there, in that transcendent place separated from the rest of the chaotic world, where a wholly liberating escape truly occurs. I am absorbed by a heightened sense of awareness that seems to engulf me when alone in her grasp. Mainly autobiographical, I often highlight a single female figure, mirroring the significance of isolation essential to portraying the intimate, contemplative escape I both occupy and honor when alone in nature. So too, by doing so, I also celebrate womanhood as this visceral pursuit provokes a disquieting sensation, as if I have literally entered another world. This very notion motivates my goal to produce evocative photographs that speak the language of longing and reminiscence rooted in a melancholy realm of nostalgic recall.


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