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  • webblack skywith flower BW MANYCIRCLEBESTCROP

  • WEBblack skywith flower BW MANYCIRCLEBESTCROPDRAWINGdetail


  • WEBflower on water abstract BWEDIT2DRAWINGdetail

  • X. clouds on water with flower blackwh3xFOGGY

  • X. Drifting


  • X. Floating

  • X. landing

  • X. Luminosity

  • X. Rain

  • X. The Journey

  • X. TheAftermath

  • X. TheArrival

Stalking Eden

This series of photographs draws inspiration from my lifelong preoccupation with collecting and displaying of natural found ephemera, while highlighting my desire to hold onto nature’s evanescent treasures. I strive to add an unearthly air and quality to the hyper-esthetic resultant ‘fragments’ highlighted. I approach each image as if a drawing and utilize black, white and soft neutral ‘abstracted’ tones and lines that I believe help to augment the vital illusive, ethereal component that I believe is crucial to reflecting a melancholic sentiment. Mirroring an element of nostalgia I blur and fade elements aiding in relaying a time worn aura of loss and reminiscence. At the same time, I feel a sense of celebration as I highlight nature’s continually inspirational, yet unending metamorphosis through these illustrative inspired photographs.


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