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How Does Your Garden Grow?

This series of paintings exemplifies my desire to portray woman as the protagonist while utilizing elements of metaphor, icon, and allegory. The garden is the setting for its obvious symbolism and origins in both art history and poetry. Influenced by a wide range of artistic genres, my main influences include the Flemish masters, the Mannerists, religious iconography, Pop Art, tattoos, and urban graffiti. Titles and poses borrowed from art history add a bit of cynicism and humor to subjects revered. (Can you find the painting titled “American Gothic” here?…)

Through a combination of techniques utilizing traditional oil, acrylic, spray paint, marker and sometimes printed materials I juxtapose flat, graphic elements with the varying ‘modeled’ textures of the hand painted surfaces. The physicality of the painted surfaces, the captured lines, brush strokes, and fingerprints, hint at the personal relationship I have with this creative process.





Inquire through DM (Instagram/ mdaltonart) or LinkedIn in reference to any paintings available. I usually have 1 or 2 ongoing.

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