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Haunted By Water

“Haunted by Water” is the ongoing result of my overwhelming allure to the contradictory complexity and oftentimes opposing simplicity that water elicits to me visually. Water’s unique ability to reflect, abstract and enhance everything that comes in contact with it is truly magical and this reality is paramount to driving my vision in this series. I consciously stage each photograph with this in mind by striving to produce and capture moments of ‘deliberate’ chance that are later enhanced and manipulated. It is the balance of both the intentional and the accidental that challenge me while the evocative nature of water continually motivates and intrigues. So too, the use of color becomes an essential tool as I gravitate to muted subtle tones that help echo an ethereal, otherworldly mood. My enchantment with early hand-colored photographs that exude a soft, delicate quality also influences my palette choices.

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