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  • A4. SMALLDark Dream BW

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  • A5. Drawing Room at DuskSMALL

  • A5. SQUARERaised By Wolves NEW BWflip

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  • B1. SMALLSQUAREmecca in woods with branches BW EDIT

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Herein I have selected some of my favorite images that I believe will give you insight into who I am.

Essentially, because I am an ex-city-dweller gone feral much of my work is focused on my personal relationship with the remote, uninhabited landscape. I approach each image as a kind of ceremonial “totem” as I pay homage to the natural world I love so much. Abandoned structures slowly being taken back by nature add the dystopian element I find important to conveying a “spirit of place” in many of the settings presented.

So too, I am obsessed with mini-narratives through visual portraiture. These consist of 1 to 3 images that tell a story, and my most recent series titled, “Once Upon A Sofa” is included here. This series follows the centuries old tradition of portraying the figure on a sofa. I am especially excited about these images as I find the ‘idea’ of a sofa to have a kind of magical, whimsical element as it evokes so many varying moods and references as it literally sets the stage, bringing out so much more than any other ‘prop’ can.



To contact me about exhibition opportunities, limited edition prints:  m  da l ton 1   at g ma il do   t co m

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