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    1. Untitled-1COW

  • 2. Raised by Wolves

    2. Raised by Wolves



  • Horse Whisperer Square

    Horse Whisperer Square

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  • into the woods Maddy RockLOGO

    into the woods Maddy RockLOGO

  • Remembrance


  • VinnyTrees TWO Vinny Flying BWLOGO

    VinnyTrees TWO Vinny Flying BWLOGO

Photography – “ColorBlind”

With each photo I take, I always consider its fate as black and white first. There is a resultant purity of form that I am mesmerized by while playing with contrasts of stark and subtle without the influence of color. In this series, I have focused specifically on scenes where nature has magically eliminated much of the color for me. Here, I am drawn to the subsequent hints of color, and the almost “other-worldly” settings that nature has set before me. As in all of my photographs there is a heightened hyper-aesthetic as I strive to create an idyllic world, while remaining rooted in a melancholy world of nostalgic recall.

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