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    golden glory 2

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    painting 2016

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    through the woods

Paintings – “The View to Forever”

This current, on-going series of semi-abstract paintings focuses on representing personal, idealized perceptions of the natural world that surround me on a daily basis. I attempt to go beyond mere interpretation and in essence create fragments of nature, remembered.

In essence, each painting starts out as a spontaneous sketch that later goes through a metamorphosis in my studio. It’s as if each line, brushstroke and mark grows and builds upon itself from somewhere deep within my psyche. Consequently, it’s as if I only stand as an onlooker in the creation of each painting. Central to my objective is the idea of leaving the viewer to decide if they are looking up, into, or down at the view I’ve set before them. This ambiguity is the motivation behind my reason for calling this series of paintings, “The View to Forever.”


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