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“Cloud Cover” Installation/Performance & Video

“Cloud Cover”

Art has the ability to transcend and offer a cathartic escape from reality, which is the first and foremost goal of this public art installation, performance and resulting video. In this video, I deliberately wanted to create a hypnotic, trance-like viewer experience through sounds and images. The premise behind Cloud Cover the Art Installation is that art is all around us, and sometimes it’s in the most unexpected of places.

Public art differs from privately displayed art by its high visibility and accessibility to a larger, more varied audience, involuntarily encountering the public during their everyday activities. “Cloud Cover” consists of two nude female mannequins spray-painted in overall cloud patterns, “dancing” high on the roof of Redhouse, (an art and theatre building) in Syracuse, NY. Like a visual merchandiser, I have staged them very deliberately, although quite unexpectedly, as they teeter precariously on the roof’s edge. When 2 live models “interacted” with the mannequins high on the rooftop, the result was a powerful, graceful display and celebration of the female form set against the dramatic backdrop of the ever-changing cloud filled sky. The resulting video clip and still images capture a glimpse of the drama that unfolded…up on the roof.


Click here to see the full video:
Video Cloud Cover Performance

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