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(Photography) Abandoned: Places We Once Called Home

Photos & Book Project – Abandoned: Places We Once Called Home (Ongoing)

History defines each of us, and for me the link between the past and present has always captivated me. Consequently, I hunt the desolate places, abandoned and forgotten deep in nature. There, I strive to embody the spirit of place that exists in the dwindling remnants of these barren structures, where fragments of history hang in the balance.

The once inhabited homes, pastures and fields, now empty, wild and overgrown form the backdrop and set the stage, motivating me to create stories that stem from my own personal love of fairy tales, mythology and horror films. There is a lonely foreboding that an abandoned building provokes and I am drawn to creating my own stories rooted in the ever-present feeling of past lives and lost history as I wander in and among the forsaken ruins.

As time marches on, these unearthed discoveries highlight those disquieting moments that make me feel as though I have truly entered a dystopian, unsettled dimension in time. Ultimately, my goal is to encapsulate this feeling by highlighting time’s stark perpetuity as evidenced by nature’s wrath.

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