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Paintings: My View to Forever

In this current on-going series of paintings I attempt to go beyond mere interpretation and in essence create portions of nature, remembered. Each painting starts out as a simple sketch that later goes through a subliminal process of change where the composition, texture and color morph spontaneously in my studio. Central to my objective is the idea of leaving the viewer to decide if they are looking up, down or into the ambiguous view I have set before them.

The act of painting itself struggles to survive in the competing world of high tech media. Painting, for me, is a cathartic hands-on process that enables me to link the past to the present through a combination of techniques utilizing traditional oil, acrylic and/or spray paint. I juxtapose flat graphic elements with the varying modeled textures of the hand painted surfaces. My goal is to create tension by generating both harmony and opposition between each of the elements placed within each composition. At the same time, the physicality of the painted surfaces, the captured lines, brush strokes, and fingerprints, hint at the personal relationship I have with this creative process.


Inquire through DM (Instagram/ mdaltonart) in reference to any paintings available. I usually have 1 or 2 ongoing…



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